Services We Offer


ALL HANDS community interpreting services LLC
offers complete ASL interpreter booking services. We will ask a few brief questions to help us find the right type of interpreter with the right qualifications and experience to meet your communication needs. We have a pool of interpreters that are professional and confidential that can provide:

  •  ASL to English - along with it’s many variants

  Tactile and close-visual interpreters for deaf/blind

  Interpreters for people who are hard of hearing and may rely more on lip-
     reading supported by sign language

   Deaf communication specialists who work with foreign born deaf people, 
     those with limited language, and for the developmentally 
delayed, and 
     mentally compromised

In short, we are your one stop resource for any sign language interpreting need you have.

• We offer COMPLETE services 
• Our interpreters are competent, reliable and ready to meet your needs
• Our services are accurate and confidential
Our Office is staffed Monday through Friday 8:00am to 5:00 pm 
All communications: phone calls & emails are answered promptly 
provides EXCELLENT customer service
Reasonable and clear rates 

ALL HANDS looks forward to exceeding your expectations !


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