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For Deaf Consumers



ALL HANDS community interpreting services LLC wants to provide you with interpreters that you can easily understand and trust. We know that having an interpreter present in those private times of your life means that you need them to be professional, warm-hearted and confidential. We find the very best interpreters that have quality training, experience and certification. These top interpreters are dedicated to giving their very best service to you at school, work, the doctor’s office and hospital or wherever you need them.


Many of our interpreters are skilled with tactile or close vision interpreting for our Deaf/Blind consumers. All of our interpreters adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct and are registered with RID.  


We also know that not all interpreters are the best match for everyone. So we listen to you and make sure that we send you the interpreter that you prefer.


Why Choose ALL HANDS?

Our interpreters are professional and on time

You can trust them to be confidential

They are the very best we can find


         So you will be happy !

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