Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I do business with you?
ALL HANDS provides excellent quality interpreters, clear fast communication and competitive pricing.

How much advance notice do you need?
The more lead-time we have the better, but we can usually satisfy your needs with two weeks notice and frequently can provide service at the last minute.

What makes you different than any other interpreter booking service?
is dedicated to customer service, integrity and ethics. We are here to help meet your communication needs in a friendly, professional and fast manner.

How do I request an interpreter?
You can begin the request process by calling or emailing us, or by completing our online request form. LINK

How much do interpreters cost?
The total charge will vary depending on the length of the job, the number of interpreters, and whether the job qualifies for the DSHS Sign Language Interpreter Contract. Also members of the Washington State Procurement Cooperative can use the DSHS rate structure. To see if you are eligible please go to  In either case, we are happy to provide you with an estimate of the total cost of interpretation in advance.

Who pays?
Generally speaking the requesting agency or business is responsible under the ADA to provide interpreters for deaf, hard of hearing and deaf blind people. Please check our link to see if you qualify for a tax credit and how to apply.

Do you book interpreters in other languages besides ASL?
No ALL HANDS is only a Sign Language Interpreter booking service.

Why are certified interpreters expensive? Why not just use someone that has taken some sign language classes? Seems like I could save a lot of money that way.
There is a HUGE difference between a “signer” and a professional interpreter. Someone that knows a few signs and may even be able to carry on a rudimentary conversation cannot assess language style and provide the standard of service that is expected and tested for with a professional interpreter. It takes many years of college work, practice, skill development, cultural competence and ethical decision making to produce a certified interpreter. All of these factors contribute to the rate and fee structures that have long since become industry standards.



Why should I, as an interpreter sign up with you?
ALL HANDS was founded by professional working interpreters we understand the complexity and challenge of this exciting field. We strive to be the most professional, most progressive and best company that we can. We may not be the only booking agency around, but we want to be the one you want to work for.

What are your rates?
As an INDEPENDENT CONTRATOR  you set your own rates except for the DSHS Sign Language Interpreter Contract rates which have been determined by ODHH. Please go to to see those rates and how to register. For other jobs we suggest that you base your rate on your certification, years of experience, education and range of expertise. Keep in mind that if you set your rate excessively high we will probably have to use you less.

How fast do I get paid for my work?
The faster you send us your invoices and paperwork the faster you get paid. Our contracts are structured so that the client must pay us in full within thirty days of being billed for the completed job.

What is your primary mode of contacting me about job offers? Text, phone, email?
On our Interpreter Work Agreement you tell us what mode you prefer.

How will I be booked?

Our Interpreter Work Agreement includes a section on the types of jobs you prefer and are suited for. When those types of jobs come in, we will contact you and begin the process of securing your time and providing you with pertinent information.

Deaf Individuals

How can I get the interpreters that I like or not get the ones I don’t like?
We want your feedback and preferences about interpreters. Please tell the business, school, hospital or agency who you wish to interpret for you. ALL HANDS will try our best to provide them. But we need your input and will keep it in our database.

Do your interpreters understand ASL? SEE?

We use the best interpreters we can find, they offer many types of signing, just let us know what you need.

Do you have a Video Phone?
Not at this time but feel free to call us on yours!

Who pays for the interpreter?
Almost always the business, school, hospital or agency is the one who pays. This is because of some laws that they have to follow. If you have any questions or need help please contact us.

Do I have to schedule the interpreter myself?
No, most times just tell the business, school, hospital or agency that you need an interpreter for your appointment or meeting


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