About Us

Marc Schmitz
Co-Owner / Interpreter CSC,SC:L

Marc received his training at NTID in 1978 and was employed there for almost ten years. He served as a staff interpreter and then as the first Coordinator of Professional Development for the Department of Interpreting Services where he mentored and taught many of the over 100 staff interpreters. He was an active RID evaluator, trainer and workshop presenter in the upstate New York area. He was first certified by RID in 1979, obtained a CSC in 1982, a Bachelor of Science degree in Cultural Studies at the State University of New York (Empire State College) in 1991, and SC:L in 2008. He has worked as a free lance interpreter in Texas, New York, California, and Washington in such settings as education, drug and alcohol treatment, mental health, vocational rehabilitation, conferences, courts, medical and much more. Over his 31 year career he has contracted with many Sign Language interpreter booking agencies, some good and others not so good. Marc incorporates what he believes is best business practices into the operations of ALL HANDS so that the very best professional standards are met and the very best customer service is provided.


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